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About Us

Our brand, inspired by our own two adventurous little boys, exists to ignite imaginations and foster a close relationship with nature.

Wonder, wild, and whimsy is our anthem and we believe that kids should be allowed to just be kids, chasing adventure wherever it may lead.

In a world where screens abound, we aim to give parents tools to encourage children to venture into the wide and wonderful world that awaits them outdoors.


Ethical Statement

Being ethical is a hot topic right now and for good reason. The word "ethical" is tossed around at the moment but it really is integral to who we are and we take all measures to ensure that our brand is actually ethical. 

All of our clothing is designed in Australia and made off-shore in Shanghai. The way we make our clothes and more importantly, WHO is making them, really matters to us. Our Australian production manager visits several times unannounced to ensure the work conditions are favourable for the employees and the quality is the best possible. The employees are paid fairly, treated well, and of course are not children. 

All of our wooden toys are hand-made by a lady here in Brisbane who puts so much love and care into every piece she makes. It's so much more than just a tag-line for us... being ethical is at the heart of who we are.